Molly Takes Latin America: 1930-36

Molly and Yonkel in The Little Devil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1932

"We also played Paris and the London Palladium, but our most intriguing success in 1932 had to be our six-month engagement in South America.  It’s some neat trick finding a packed Yiddish house in Buenos Aires."

Supported by an Argentinean benefactor, Molly played Latin America in the early 1930s, including 138 sold-out shows in Buenos Aires.  By the time they packed up to return home, Molly had become "an institution in that city, having dresses, hats and even a restaurant named after her."

Molly returned to the United States to play Chicago and Washington, only to leave soon after to play Europe again and then for Hebrew-speaking Jews in Palestine for the first time – where she played in Yiddish.  Though out of political fashion, her audience of kibbutzniks loved it. 

 "We continued driving straight through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the Smokies, and south until we got to San Antonio.  For four days we’d be driving and not one deli on the whole trip!"

Molly collected letters from her adoring fans in a dedicated scrapbook, 1921-27
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