The Late 1930's: Global Molly, Local Molly

Molly with Zulu girls during her South African tour, 1937.

"This time we were headed for Africa - one of the few places left on the globe we hadn’t played in."

Molly's scrapbooks and letters show her hard at work, playing England and South Africa, as she and Yonkel continued their frantic travel and performance schedule, covering more than 50,000 miles, mostly by boat. Once home, her schedule remained as busy as ever: performing on radio.  But Molly had grown tired of the Shmendricks and Yonkeles she had been playing for almost 20 years.  Looking for something different, Molly jumped at the chance to play in English on Broadway, accepting a role as a "sophisticated New York Jewish woman" in Morning Star.

"I entered rehearsals for Morning Star eager to succeed in this new phase of my career - but I was a little uneasy as to just how to go about it.  My anchor was the Yiddish stage.  I had performed in its comedy melodrama, and helped write many of its songs; I knew thoroughly how to entertain its audiences.  Uptown, however, I felt a bit adrift."

"Molly (standing) on Broadway in Morning Star, 1940

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