Photo Exhibit

Since its inception in 1964, the National Conference on Soviet Jewry has promoted the right of Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel by serving as a coordinating, policy-making agency, both in its efforts to influence US foreign policy toward the USSR and in its members' support for Refusniks and their families. Archival processing of the collection, which nears completion has revealed a cache of p hotographs reflecting personal and public moments in the struggle for Soviet Jewry. The AJHS presents a preview of this collection's photographic content.

Dates and photographers unknown except where noted

Haim and Leah (Yudit) Solovei with daughters Orit and Diana, n.d.
Mark Markish with his wife Tatiana, n.d. Mark is a grandson of the Yiddish poet Peretz Markish.
Demonstration for ballet dancers Valery and Galina Panov held on his birthday, Plaza Square, NY, March 12, 1974. Photo: Alexander Archer
Victor Tsitlionok(L)brother of Prisoner of Conscience Boris Tsitlionok, sentenced to five years internal exile in 1975.
Avital Sharansky, Iosif Mendelevich meet with President Reagan and V.P. Bush, c. 1984.
Silva Zalmanson arriving in Israel after her release from the USSR in 1974