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Beyond Words: AJHS to Publish Limited Edition of Miklos Adler's Holocaust Woodcuts

In 1999, the American Jewish Historical Society issued a highly acclaimed, limited-edition books, A Survivors' Haggadah, which contained a facsimile of the Haggadah published by the United States Army in 1946 to help Jews living in the Displaced Persons camps in the Munich area of Germany celebrate the …rst Seder after the Nazi defeat. [See the related story on page 2 describing the Society's current exhibition on the role of the US Army in publishing a Survivors' Talmud.] Integral to the Survivors' Haggadah were several woodcuts by Miklos Adler, a Hungarian concentration camp survivor who was one of the …rst artists to try to depict the nature of Nazi barbarity in images rather than words.

Adler created a complete Holocaust narrative in sixteen powerful woodcuts, explained only by single-line captions. Now, for the …rst time since their creation in late 1945, the AJHS has gathered the series together in a portfolio titled Beyond Words, with an accompanying essay by Saul Touster, professor emeritus at Brandeis University and editor of the Society's edition of A Survivors' Haggadah. This limited edition of the woodcuts and essay will appear in 600 sets only, each one numbered and autographed by Professor Touster. The cost of the portfolio is $250, although members of AJHS receive a $25 discount. Based on sales of the Survivors' Haggadah, these sets will not last long.

Books and Artifacts Recently Added to the American Jewish Historical Society Library Collection

Support from our members and donors has allowed us to add more than 200 recently published books to keep the Society's library current. These volumes will now be available to researchers for generations to come. If you would like to support this effort, please send your contributions to the Society specifying that you want the funds to be used to acquire books for the research collection.

Additionally the following items were recently donated to the AJHS museum collections:

103 Postcards of various styles, many on Jewish themes, early 20th century. Gift of Arline V. Ekman and Rosalind Ekman Ladd in memory of their parents, Sonia B. Nathan Ekman.
Sonia Ekman collected and saved these cards, postmarked between 1909 and 1916.

Portrait of Hannah London by Gibson Perry, Paris, 1921 and portrait of Hannah London by Joseph Raskin, ca. 1920s. Gift of Georgiana Powell.
From the 1920s through 1950s, Hannah London Siegel located, identi…ed and documented hundreds of early American Jewish portraits, miniatures, and silhouettes. Her three published books of her …ndings virtually created a new …eld of knowledge and scholarship. The American Jewish Historical Society owns London's research and personal papers.

Circumcision Dress of Abraham H. Abelow (b. Ware MA, March 26, 1910). Hand and machine stitching, hand silk embroidery, on silk gauze. Gift of Shirley A. Levine.
This handsome garment, in nearly perfect condition, is a rare survival of a hand-made religious clothing from the early twentieth-century immigrant period.

Brass Samovar, brass mortar and pestle, brass teapot, brass and shell candlesticks, brass dish, silver Kiddush cups, ceramic plate, hand-embroidered bedding and decorative textiles.
Europe, late 19th and early 20th century. Gift of Eva and Marion Gorberg.
When Harry Gorberg (1878-1950) and Gertrude Fine Gorberg (1884-1956) emigrated to America from Russia about 1905, they brought an assemblage of bedding, Gertrude's hand-embroidered textiles, and treasured objects, including their samovar currently on display in the AJHS exhibition in New York, Seeing Ourselves.

Photographs (black and white) of Synagogues in the Boston, Massachusetts Area. Gift of Steven Kellerman, 1980s.
Throughout the 1980s, Steven Kellerman photographed over 140 buildings that are, or were, once sites of synagogues in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area.

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