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Forthcoming Publications from AJHS

This coming Fall, the Society will sponsor two new publications. For the past four years, AJHS has published a weekly “Chapter in American Jewish History” in the national English-language edition of the Forward, the Connecticut Jewish Ledger and various other American Jewish newspapers and periodicals. Each “Chapter” briefly presents (in 900 words or less) a little-known or relatively forgotten event, person or episode in American Jewish history. KTAV Publishing will collect 120 of the “Chapters” in a volume edited and introduced by Michael Feldberg, Ph.D., the Society’s executive director.

Bernard Sharfstein, owner of KTAV, recently commented, “We recognize that ‘Chapters in American Jewish History’ has brought an appreciation of the uniqueness of the American Jewish experience to a wider audience and we are proud to expand that audience even further. We think ‘Chapters’ is a book that will be widely adopted by Jewish schools and educational programs and will also prove enjoyable to the general reader.” Retail price for the book will be $29.50 in hardback and $17.95 in paperback. AJHS members may purchase either version at a 10% discount.

Last year, AJHS published A Survivors’ Haggadah, Professor Saul Touster’s limited-edition facsimile reproduction of an alternative haggadah created by Y.D. Sheinson, illustrated with Holocaust woodcuts by Miklos Adler and published in Germany in 1948 by the United States Army. Now, Professor Touster has prepared a limited edition portfolio containing 16 loose plates of Adler’s woodcuts and an accompanying essay, “Beyond Words,” describing Adler’s work in the context of his life. Only 600 sets of these woodcuts will be printed.

The cost of each is $250 to the public and $225 to Society members. To order either one of these works, please contact the Newton Centre office of the American Jewish Historical Society at 781-891-8110.

News from the Academic Council New Officers

The Society’s distinguished Academic Council elected new ofòcers and members of its Executive Committee.

Professor Pamela Nadell of the American University in Washington, DC succeeds Professor Jeffrey S. Gurock of Yeshiva University as chair of the Council. Professor Nadell is joined on the Council’s Executive Committee by : Jeanne L. Abrams, University of Denver; Karla Goldman, Jewish Women’s Archive; Deborah Dash Moore, Vassar College; Lee Shai Weissbach, University of Louisville; Daniel Soyer, Fordham University; Jeffrey S. Gurock, Yeshiva University; Beth Wenger, University of Pennsylvania; Joyce Antler, Brandeis University; Hasia Diner, New York University; Alan Kraut, American University; and Riv-Ellen Prell, University of Minnesota.

The Academic Council’s nearly 100 members are widely recognized as the leading scholars in the field of American Jewish history. In fall 2000, the Academic Council invited the following to join its rank : Michael Alexander (University of Oklahoma), Mark Bauman (Atlanta Metropolitan College), Joel Gereboff (Arizona State University), Eric Goldstein (Emory University), Matthew Frye Jacobson (Yale University), Jack Kugelmass (Arizona State University), Howard Markel (University of Michigan), Monty Penkower (Touro University), Dale Rosengarten (College of Charleston), and Ilan Troen (Ben Gurion University).

Society Awards Fellowships and Prizes

Last December, the Academic Council announced its annual awards of fellowships and prizes to scholars in the OED of American Jewish history. The awardees are:

Lee Max Friedman Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field:
Professor Arthur Goren, Columbia University.

Leo Wasserman Prize for the best article published in volume 87 of American Jewish History : Andrea Most, Ph.D., University of Toronto, “Big Chief Izzy Horowitz‚ : Theatricality and Jewish Identity in the Wild West.”

Leo Wasserman Student Essay Prize : Evan Mofòc, Stanford University, “The Making of An American Zionist : Reevaluating Louis D. Brandeis.”

Travel Fellowships for research in AJHS Archival Collections were awarded to:

  • Zohar Zegev, Ph.D., Haifa University for research on Louis Lipsky and American Zionism.
  • Rafael Medoff, Ph.D., State University of New York at Purchase for research on College Athletes and the 1947 Campaign to Raise Funds for Israeli Independence
  • Aleisa Fishman, American University for research on Gender, the Market and Jewish Identity in Suburban Nassau County, NY, 1946-60.

Transition of Editorship at American Jewish History

After nearly 20 years of service, Professor Marc Lee Raphael of William and Mary University is stepping down as editor of the Society’s quarterly journal, American Jewish History.

His co-editor, Professor Jeffrey Gurock of Yeshiva University, is also completing his equally lengthy and distinguished term. Working closely as a team, Raphael and Gurock broke new ground in recruiting articles for the journal while preserving its reputation as the leading publication in the OED of American Jewish history. The Society and historians in general are grateful to Professors Raphael and Gurock for their contributions to scholarship.

Professor Eli Faber of John Jay College of the City University of New York will succeed to the editorship of American Jewish History. Professor Faber is the author of A Time for Planting : The First Migration, 1654-1820, the first volume of the Society’s 5-volume history of the Jewish People in America (1992) and Jews, Slaves and the Slave Trade : Setting the Record Straight (1998). Professor Faber’s term as editor will begin in 2002.

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