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Officers and Trustees


Chairman Emeritus
Kenneth J. Bialkin

Daniel R. Kaplan
Sidney Lapidus

Paul B. Warhit

Vice Presidents
George M. Garfunkel
Steven Oppenheim
Joshua H. Landes

Louise P. Rosenfeld

Assistant Secretary
Nancy Polevoy

Skip Karetsky

Assistant Treasurer
Andrew E. Lewin

Chair Academic Council
Beth S. Wenger

Board of Trustees

Stanley I. Batkin
Scarsdale, NY

Kenneth J. Bialkin
New York, NY

Ronald C. Curhan
Belmont, MA

Ruth B. Fein
Boston, MA

George M. Garfunkel
New York, NY

Michael G. Jesselson
New York, NY

Arnold H. Kaplan
Allentown, PA

Daniel R. Kaplan
New York, NY

Samuel R. Karetsky
New York, NY

Harvey M. Krueger
New York, NY

Joshua H. Landes
Bronx, NY

Sidney Lapidus
Harrison, NY

Andrew E. Lewin
New York, NY

Norman Liss
New York, NY

Bernard J. Michael
New York, NY

Deborah Dash Moore
Ann Arbor, MI

Jeffrey S. Oppenheim, MD
Suffern, NY

Steven D. Oppenheim
New York, NY

Nancy T. Polevoy
New York, NY

Louise P. Rosenfeld
Chappaqua, NY

Bruce Slovin
New York, NY

Joseph S. Steinberg
Brooklyn, NY

Morton M. Steinberg
Highland Park, IL

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman
Elkins Park, PA

Ronald S. Tauber
New York, NY

Paul B. Warhit
New Rochelle, NY

Beth S. Wenger, ex officio
Philadelphia, PA

Justin L. Wyner
Boston, MA

Toni Young
Wilmington, DE

Hedy Zankel
New York, NY

Laurence Zuckerman
New York, NY

Honorary Life Trustees

Sheldon S. Cohen
Chevy Chase, MD

Alan M. Edelstein
Waban, MA

William M. Ginsburg
Jupiter, FL

Robert D. Gries
Shaker Heights, OH

Philip Lax
Maplewood, NJ

Edgar J. Nathan, III
New York, NY

Dr. Arthur S. Obermayer
West Newton, MA

Sue R. Warburg
San Francisco, CA

Efrem Weinreb
Chestnut Hill, MA

Past Presidents

Oscar S. Straus, 1892-1898
Cyrus Adler, 1899-1921
A.S.W. Rosenbach, 1921-1948
Lee M. Friedman, 1948-1952
Salo W. Baron, 1952-1954
David de Sola Pool, 1954-1955
Jacob Rader Marcus, 1955-1958
Bertram W. Korn, 1958-1961
Abram Kanof, MD, 1961-1964
Leon J. Obermayer, 1964-1967
Philip D. Sang, 1967-1969
Abram Vossen Goodman, 1969-1972
Abraham J. Karp, 1972-1975
Maurice Jacobs, 1975-1976
David R. Pokross, 1976-1979
Saul Viener, 1979-1982
Ruth B. Fein, 1982-1985
Morris Soble, 1985-1988
Phil David Fine, 1988-1990
Ronald C. Curhan, 1990-1993
Justin Wyner, 1993-1998
Kenneth J. Bialkin, 1998-2003
Sidney Lapidus, 2003-2007
Daniel R. Kaplan, 2007-2010



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