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Photographs from the Gal Beckerman Book Signing and Reception

By Paul Warhit, President, American Jewish Historical Society

The October 20th Soviet Jewry Program held at the Center for Jewish History and co-sponsored by AJHS, YIVO, and The Forward was a huge success. Moderator Jane Eisner led an engaging conversation among author Gal Beckerman, historian Joshua Rubenstein, and Soviet Refusnik Boris Katz. Each brought a unique perspective that gave the audience a clearer picture of what life was like for Soviet Jews living behind the iron curtain. A question and answer period was followed by a delicious reception filled with sumptuous food and lively music. Guests stayed to share stories, ask questions, and purchase signed copies of Gal Beckerman‘s book. The audience ranged from students in their 20‘s studying the subject to baby boomers to senior citizens whose family members desired to leave the Soviet Union in search of freedom in the West. Everybody in attendance listened enthusiastically as the panelists took us back in time to revisit this critical period of Jewish history.

AJHS would like to especially thank The Forward for making this collaborative effort possible.

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L to R:
- Samuel Norich, Publisher of the Forward; Boris Katz, Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, head of the Laboratory‘s InfoLab Group and former Soviet Refusenik; Gal Beckerman, Forward Staff Writer and Author; Jane Eisner, Editor of the Forward; Joshua Rubenstein, Activist and Historian, Northeast Regional Director of Amnesty International, USA
- Gal Beckerman signing books

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L to R:
- Boris Katz and Sam Norich
- Boris Katz and Paul Warhit, President of AJHS

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- The Great Hall at the Center for Jewish History
- Music by Annette Ezekiel Kogan of Golem



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