Academic Council

The Academic Council of the American Jewish Historical Society is an organization of scholars committed to the study of American Jewish history that seeks to support and maintain the highest standards of scholarship in the field. The Executive Committee of the Academic Council, which is the governing body of the organization, elects the members. Members of the Academic Council oversee the journal, American Jewish History, and serve on the committees that award the Society’s grants and awards to undergraduate, graduate students, and scholars.  In addition, they hold a biennial Scholars’ conference, and initiate programs, symposia and exhibitions concerned with American Jewish history.

Current Members of the Academic Council

*** indicates Emeritus

***Brandes, Joseph
William Paterson University

***Goren, Arthur
Columbia University

***Hershkowitz, Leo
Queens College

***Rischin, Moses
San Francisco State University

Alexander, Michael
University of California Riverside

Alpert, Rebecca
Temple University

Amanik, Allan
CUNY-Brooklyn College

Antler, Joyce
Brandeis University

Ariel, Yaakov
Department of Religious Studies
University of North Carolina

Ashton, Prof. Dianne
Professor of Religion Studies, Rowan University

Bauman, Mark
Southern Jewish Historical Society

Bayor, Ronald H.
Georgia Institute of Technology

Berlinger, Gabrielle
Bard College

Berman, Lila Corwin

Temple University

Bial, Henry
University of Kansas

Brinkmann, Tobias

Penn State University

Brumberg, Stephan F.
Brooklyn College/CUNY School of Education

Carenen, Caitlin

Eastern Connecticut State University

Cohen, Judah

Indiana University

Cohen, Michael R.
Tulane University

Cohen, Naomi W.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Cooperman, Jessica
Muhlenberg College

Davis, Marni

Georgia State University

Diner, Hasia R.
New York University

Dollinger, Marc
San Francisco State University

Eleff, William
Brandeis University

Endelman, Judith
The Henry Ford Museum

Feingold, Henry L.
CUNY Baruch

Feld, Marjorie
Babson College

Fermaglich, Kirsten
Michigan State University

Fishbein, Leslie
Rutgers University

Furman, Joshua
University of Maryland

Garland, Libby
CUNY Kingsborough

Gereboff, Joel
Arizona State University

Glaser, Jennifer
University of Cincinnati

Goldman, Karla
University of Michigan

Goldstein, Eric L.
Emory University

Gordan, Rachel
Northwestern University

Greenberg, Cheryl
Trinity College

Greene, Daniel
Northwestern University

Grinberg, Ronnie
University of Oklahoma

Gurock, Jeffrey S.
Yeshiva University

Herman, Dana
American Jewish Archives

Igra, Anna (Annette) R.
Carleton College

Karp, Jonathan

Katz, Emily Alice
University of California at Irvine

Kelman, Ari Y.

UC Davis

Kiron, Arthur
University of Pennsylvania

Klapper, Melissa R.
Rowan University

Kobrin, Rebecca
Columbia University

Koffman, David
University of Toronto

Kohn, Shira
Jewish Theological Seminary

Krah, Marcus
Jewish Theological Seminary

Kranson, Rachel
University of Pittsburgh

Kraut, Alan M.
The American University

Lambert, Joshua

National Yiddish Book Center/University of Massachusetts Amherst

Leff, Laurel
Northeastern University

Leibman, Laura
Professor, Reed College

McGinity, Keren R.

Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

Medoff, Rafael
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

Mendelsohn, Adam David

College of Charleston

Moore, Deborah Dash

University of Michigan

Morantz-Sanchez, Regina
University of Michigan

Naar, Devin
University of Washington

Nadell, Pamela S.
American University


Perelman, Joshua
National Museum of American Jewish History

Pianko, Noam
University of Washington

Prell, Riv-Ellen

University of Minnesota

Rabin, Shari
Yale University

Raider, Mark A.
University of Cincinnati

Raphael, Marc Lee
The College of William and Mary

Ribak, Gil
The Schusterman Postdoctoral Fellow in Judaic Studies,University of Arizona, The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

Robinson, Ira
Concordia University

Rogoff, Leonard
Jewish Heritage Foundation of NC

Rosen, Gladys

Sanua, Marianne

Florida Atlantic College

Sarna, Jonathan D.
Brandeis University

Schwartz, Shuly Rubin

The Jewish Theological Seminary

Shevitz, Amy Hill

Arizona State University

Sorin, Gerald

SUNY at New Paltz

Soyer, Daniel
Fordham University

Stahl, Ronit
Washington University of St. Louis

Strauss, Lauren B.
George Washington University

Sussman, Lance
Keneseth Israel Congregation

Tabak, Robert P.
Hospital of the University of PA

Tenenbaum, Shelly
Clark University

Toll, William
University of Oregon

Umansky, Ellen M.
Fairfield University

Waxman, Deborah
Vice President, Governance, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Wechsler, Harold S.
New York University

Weissbach, Lee Shai
University of Louisville

Wenger, Beth S.
University of Pennsylvania

Wertheimer, Jack
Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Whitfield, Stephen J.
Brandeis University

Wiener, Hollace Ava
independent writer

Wilhelm, Cornelia B.
Abteilung fur Judische Geschichte und Kultur,Institut fur Neuere Geschichte

Zola, Gary Phillip
Hebrew Union College/ The American Jewish Archives

The following have served as Chair of the Academic Council

Louis Ruchames*, 1973-1976
University of Massachusetts at Boston

Lawrence H. Fuchs, 1976-1979
Brandeis University

Melvin I. Urofsky, 1979-1983
Virginia Commonwealth University

Henry L. Feingold, 1983-1988
Baruch College of the CUNY

John C. Livingston*, 1988-1992
University of Denver

Jonathan D. Sarna, 1992-1995
Brandeis University

Jeffrey S. Gurock, 1995-2000
Yeshiva University

Pamela S. Nadell, 2000-2003
American University

Deborah D. Moore, 2003-2006
University of Michigan

Hasia Diner, 2006-2008
New York University

Jeffrey S. Gurock, interim 2008-
Yeshiva University

Beth Wenger, 2010-2013
University of Pennsylvania