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Donations of Materials to AJHS Collections

The Society's collections document the Jewish experience in the Americas, from the commencement of European contact to present day. To that end, AJHS limits its collections to those items that are significant and representative of this experience. 

The collecting strategy is documentation of the evolution of American Jews that includes both how we lived as Jews and as Americans. By definition that covers the broad spectrum of Jewish family, institutional and communal life. Importantly it includes our role in America, ranging from politics to sports.

The form of the Society's documentation is primarily materials in paper (printed as well as manuscripts), photo, audio, film, or digital form. The collection also houses important objects.

In support of its collecting strategy, the AJHS seeks important and representative materials that illuminate seminal aspects of American Jewish life as defined by our strategy.

Consistent with our mission, the collections are heavily used by scholars and students in the worldwide arena of academic research and publications. They are also used by the community at large in pursuit of information in the broad spectrum of American Jewish history. Additionally, limited portions of the collection are used in exhibits by the AJHS as well as other Institutions.

Questions concerning how these guidelines would apply to specific materials being considered for donation to the Society may be directed to the Society's staff archivist or Director at the address below. The Society can provide referrals to other repositories where the staff determines that an item would be inappropriate for the AJHS collections.

Contact information for donations:

Susan Malbin, Director of Library and Archives
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
phone: 212-294-6160
fax: 212-294-6161

The American Jewish Historical Society does not appraise donated materials, but staff members can provide referrals to certified appraisers.



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