The Emma Lazarus Project

The Emma Lazarus Project is The American Jewish Historical Society’s forthcoming online curriculum. created in partnership with Reimagining Migration.   Through looking closely at the story of Emma Lazarus in the context of her time, students will explore how America both welcomed, but restricted immigration. Drawing on the remarkable collections of AJHS, students will have the opportunity to analyze and engage with primary source materials to gain a deeper understanding of the United States’ long struggle with nativism, prejudice, and antisemitism.   Emma’s story shows how even in complicated times, people can engage civically. The curriculum prepares students to develop their own voices on issues of the day, and to engage in a national poetry contest. The contest asks students to imagine themselves as 21st century Emma, following the prompt:   If you could write a poem  for the Statue of Liberty today,  what would it say?

The Emma Lazarus Project was made possible through the generous support of the Covenant Foundation.


The Emma Lazarus Project Website is coming soon! For now, if you are interested in learning more about the Emma Lazarus Project, possibly piloting the curriculum in your classroom, or would like more information about the Poetry Contest that will be taking place in Spring of 2020, please fill out the submission form below.