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Newsletter "Heritage"

Letter from the President

Dear Friends:

Kenneth J. Bialkin

For those of us at the American Jewish Historical Society, the events of September 11, 2001 have sharpened our focus as Americans, as Jews and as custodians of Jewish cultural and intellectual treasures.

Fortunately, none of the Society's staff or collections in New York suffered injury in the attack on the World Trade Center, although we have had to reschedule the

Dinner for our Archive of American Jews in Sports. We are aware, however, that beyond the tragic loss of the lives of so many of our friends and fellow citizens, several archival repositories in Lower Manahattan were damaged and at least one destroyed. We are taking instruction from events.

Security measures have been tightened at our facilities in New York and Waltham (now Newton Centre), but the World Trade Center attack demonstrates that no facility can be made completely safe from destruction. Accordingly, we at the Society will redouble our efforts to digitize and microform our archival documents, create high-quality images of our portraits, paintings and photographs and store our rare books in secure spaces that enhance their long-term survival.

Despite the uncertainties in the national economy, the Society must make increasing investments to secure the historical legacy of the Jewish people in America. We require your financial assistance, now more than ever. Please help us preserve the past for future generations.

With gratitude,

Kenneth J. Bialkin

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