Alexander Gluzburg and family in Russian, n.d.


Noted poet, Yevgenii Yevtushenko, publishes his poem, "Winter Station", containing a strong criticism of official anti-Semitism.


June. A delegation of rabbis, from the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America, visits Moscow to ascertain reports about the conditions facing the Jewish community.


September 25. During a meeting at Camp David President Dwight D. Eisenhower urges Nikita Khrushchev to resolve issues concerning the status of Jews in the USSR. Eisenhower cites the "deep concern" expressed to him by Jewish groups.

A cover story by Moshe Decter in the New Leader documents discrimination against Soviet Jews, a major breakthrough in making the public aware of their plight.


January. Reflecting the easing of conditions in the post-Stalin era, the special Gulag office is closed.

October. A study by Dr. William Korey and B'nai B'rith on the Right to Leave and Return submitted to the United Nations. It is adopted by the AJCSJ in 1964 as a basic, legal argument for the rights of Soviet Jews.


Yevgenii Yevtushenko publishes his poem, "Babi Yar", an attack on official silence about Jewish martyrdom in World War II and current popular anti-Semitism. The poem resonates among intellectuals and others in the West, and is cited by the Soviet Jewry advocacy movement.


October 29. Justice Arthur J. Goldberg and Senators Abraham Ribicoff and Jacob Javits meet with Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin. The challenge him regarding Moscow's treatment of Soviet Jews.

October. The Cleveland Council on Soviet Anti-Semitism is formed. Together with similar, independent committees it would eventually help create the nation-wide Union of Councils for Soviet Jews.

Trofim Kichko's anti-Semitic book, Judaism Without Embellishment, appears during the ongoing anti-religious campaign. It is made available to the United Nations by Morris B. Abram, a member of the US delegation, with the American Jewish Committee. The booklet, with virulent anti-Jewish texts and graphic images, becomes a cause célèbre and is denounced throughout the West.



"Zionism is Today's Fascism"(in Russia) Soviet anti-Zionist propaganda poster, A. Ordinartsev, n.d.
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