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AMJHISTORY: Electronic Discussion Group

To subscribe to the list, send a plain-text email to with the following command in the body of the text, leaving the subject line blank: SUBSCRIBE AMJHISTORY

Established in 2002, the American Jewish History Online Discussion Group is dedicated to the dissemination of information and ongoing discussion of issues of interest to the American Jewish historical community. It encourages individuals and organizations involved in studying, teaching, preserving or exhibiting aspects of American Jewish history to exchange information, ideas and plans. It is sponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society and distributed via an electronic mailing list.

Who Should Participate?
Likely participants are scholars, teachers, researchers, students, exhibitors, journalists, film makers, publishers, staff and members of community Jewish historical and genealogical societies, librarians, archivists, curators and others with a professional or a vocational interest in the field of American Jewish history.

About Electronic Mailing Lists
Electronic mailing lists are managed by mailing-list management software that distributes posted messages via electronic mail to all subscribed participants. Participants may subscribe, unsubscribe, and resubscribe as they wish. The software automatically distributes postings from individual subscribers to the entire list of subscribers. List members may participate in the discussion or simply follow them. All responses to postings will be automatically distributed to the entire mailing list unless a subscriber chooses to respond to another directly by using his or her private email list instead of the list address.

Always complete the subject field of your message in a descriptive and concise manner. Participants who receive a large quantity of daily mail will appreciate headings such as "Jews in Illinois" or "Yiddish Theater" rather than "Need Info." Please also remember always to sign your posting with your full name, title (if applicable), and email address.

Certain messages are inappropriate on a listserve and should not be posted, in particular:

  1. Defamatory, abusive or indecent material
  2. postings which violate U.S. law (including copyright)
  3. political opinions
  4. questions or comments entirely unrelated to American Jewish history
  5. questions or comments for which a more appropriate forum already exists (such as mailing lists and discussion groups on Jewish genealogy, the Eastern European Jewish experience, the Holocaust, Jewish singles, etc.)

The group administrator reserves the right to not post messages and/or to direct users to other mailing lists and discussion groups that already exist to discuss the subject in question. Decisions regarding the appropriateness and acceptability of messages submitted for posting will be made by the American Jewish Historical Society.

Postings represent the views of the individual(s) posting the message and not the opinions of the American Jewish Historical Society or the moderator. The AJHS is not responsible for the accuracy of posted messages.

For assistance with your listserv subscription or questions, please contact Marvin Rusinek, List Administrator, at



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