2020 Poetry Contest Winners

The Emma Lazarus Poetry Contest offers young and emerging poets the opportunity to reimagine The New Colossus. View all of our winner and finalist submissions below.

Middle school
by Sophie Goldensohn
High school
by Kevin Kong
by Sophia Haber

Winners and Finalists

For All Her Storied Strength
by Sophie Goldensohn
"Behind her expressionless mask lies a face of frown lines and sorrow, As she is forced to worry for the refugee’s uncertain tomorrow,"
Middle school Winner
Lady Liberty: Reimagined
by Kevin Kong
"She tears through a pearl brokenness, hair loosening in a sea of taxicabs."
High school Winner
Whither Goest Thou?
by Sophia Haber
"What does she hide in those serpentine  Robes?—the severed head of Holofernes,  Samson’s flowing locks? No matter, every  Woman has her secrets. "
Adult Winner
A Copper Goddess
by Skye Papa
"A copper goddess towers over the poor and pitied, forgotten and alone Her splendor not gone, but her voice silenced"
Middle school Finalist
American Dream, Interrupted
by Serrina Zou
" In between blood-stained reds & tear-born blues is my  corpse, a body politic cleaved by white-picket fences & a dimming lamp  that guides me anywhere but home."
High school Finalist
Becoming Next
by Sylvia Merrill
"Do not talk, do not sing,Without thinking about the meaning of every song,And the people who sang them,Where’ve they come, where’ve they gone?"
Middle school Finalist
Broken but Golden
by Genevieve Oudens
"But watch, then, as she fliesThrough open doors.Golden are her feathers glisteningSerenely in the air."
Middle school Finalist
by Mary Hutchins Harris
"if i am all they have to carry them to the land of bread, bread in  tomorrow, will you welcome me too"
Adult Finalist
Give Me Your Tired
by Carol Tiebout
"We were held, suspended, plaster  falling off the wire frames of us while  some of us could not breathe. "
Adult Finalist
Moira Camp: A New Colossus
by Ojo Taiye
"every spring— these young shoots of familial histories, of narrative thread— damaged fruits like the silence of snapped bough, bird-less"
Adult Finalist