2021 Poetry Contest Winners

The Emma Lazarus Poetry Contest offers young and emerging poets the opportunity to reimagine The New Colossus. View all of our winner and finalist submissions below.

Middle school
by Angelique Sarofim
High school
by Alexa Marsh
by A. Thu Ngo

Winners and Finalists

For All Her Storied Strength
by Sophie Goldensohn
"Behind her expressionless mask lies a face of frown lines and sorrow, As she is forced to worry for the refugee’s uncertain tomorrow,"
Middle school 2020 Winner
A Copper Goddess
by Skye Papa
"A copper goddess towers over the poor and pitied, forgotten and alone Her splendor not gone, but her voice silenced"
Middle school 2020 Finalist
Becoming Next
by Sylvia Merrill
"Do not talk, do not sing,Without thinking about the meaning of every song,And the people who sang them,Where’ve they come, where’ve they gone?"
Middle school 2020 Finalist
Broken but Golden
by Genevieve Oudens
"But watch, then, as she fliesThrough open doors.Golden are her feathers glisteningSerenely in the air."
Middle school 2020 Finalist
The Statue of Liberty
by Mila Duffoo
"I know I am powerful, strong and I can surviveIn this new world, I will finally feel alive."
Middle school 2020 Finalist
Lonely Liberty
by Giavanna Civitello
"I have an entire country who stands by me, but isn't with me."
High school Finalist