Related Collections and Selected Bibliography

Related Collections and Selected Bibliography

The resources below include information either created by or related to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), its predecessors, and affiliated organizations. Many of these resources can be found in the online catalog of the American Jewish Historical Society, and may be viewed in the Lillian Goldman Reading Room.

Related Collections


Collections at the American Jewish Historical Society that relate to HIAS.

  1. Abraham Alpert (1873-1939) Papers, 1900-1947 (P-544)
  2. Cecilia Razovsky (1886-1968) Papers, 1913-1971 (P-290)
  3. Colonel Seymour J. Pomrenze Papers, 1809-2008 (P-933)
  4. Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Boston) Records, 1865-1989 (I-220)
  5. Fort Ontario Emergency Refugee Shelter Collection, 1944-1975 (P-317)
  6. Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (Boston) Papers, 1870-1977 (I-96)
  7. Howard Lenhoff (1929-2011) Papers, 1947-2007 (P-902)
  8. Kasriel H. Sarasohn Collection, 1881-1933 (P-708)
  9. National Refugee Service Records, 1935-1947, 1953 (I-92)
  10. United Service for New Americans Records, 1946-1954 (I-93)
Selection of related archival collections held by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Visit YIVO’s HIAS Archives page for more.
  1. HIAS and HICEM Main Office, New York Records, circa 1900-1970 (RG 245.4)
  2. Ilya Dijour Papers, circa 1910-1964 (RG 589)
  3. National Refugee Service Records, 1938-1946 (RG 248)
  4. Philip Sandler Papers, 1950s-1960s (RG 420)


Selected Bibliography

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