• From the Collections
Our archives hold not just historical models of resilience, but building blocks for creating community across time and space.
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  • Women in Jewish History
On International Women’s Day in 2020, how are we to honor an anti-feminist American Jewish woman who played such a vital role in the construction of Holocaust consciousness in the postwar years as well as helped to rescue so many of the YIVO’s and Vilna’s Jewish cultural treasures that are now housed at the Center for Jewish History?
  • From the Collections
  • From Noodles to Strudels - Foods of AJHS
"I often wonder how Jewish frontier families fared in keeping their traditions alive; perhaps baking a traditional recipe like Purim cookies in the spring was one way these isolated farm families could feel connected to their culture."
  • Ask an Archivist
For #AskAnArchivist Day, an AJHS archivist breaks down the steps in which an item goes from sitting in someone's desk drawer for decades to digitized at the American Jewish Historical Society.
  • Yearning to Breathe Free - Immigration Stories
In 1885, the iconic symbol of America's liberty was in pieces, packaged away in wooden crates. The problem? There was no pedestal for the Statue of Liberty to stand on.
  • From the Collections
In 1940, a very politically charged year for America, debates were held on the benefits of adding questions to the census that some thought could unfairly target and endanger segments of the population.
  • Yearning to Breathe Free - Immigration Stories
As part of AJHS new online curriculum, the Emma Lazarus Project, we are working with K-12 classes throughout the city, asking them a simple question, if the poem of the Statue of Liberty were written today, what would it say?


AJHS Temporarily Closed

In support of New York City's efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the American Jewish Historical Society will be temporarily closed. The health and safety of The American Jewish Historical Society’s staff and visitors is our top priority, and we are continuing to closely monitor the evolving COVID-19 Situation.  During this time all in person events will be cancelled or postponed, and the library and other facilities of the five partner organizations will be closed to the public. 

Our building is closed, but our staff, and the stories we work to preserve and share, continue to be here for you.  The stories from our archives will continue to be accessible through our online catalogue, new virtual program offerings, and and digital platforms. Please check social media for ongoing updates and virtual offerings.